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EU invoice requirements: How to check an invoice?

When checking invoices from companies in the EU, you need to make sure that the EU invoice requirements are met. In our video, we show you the EU invoice requirements common for the EU countries. Some countries have further requirements that you can see on the site of the European Commission.

Common EU invoice requirements:

☐ correct supplier’s company name and address
☐ correct customer’s full name and address
☐ date of issue
☐ date of transaction or payment
☐ VAT number of the supplier
☐ unique sequential invoice number
☐ correct description and amount of the goods delivered or the services rendered
☐ net price per unit
☐ VAT rate applied
☐ VAT amount payable

Compare your incoming invoices with our sample to boost your efficiency when checking invoices: FAE_example invoice

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European Commission: VAT invoicing rules

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