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Consulting in finance and accounting

  • Are you looking for a partner to assist you in designing and implementing a sound accounting system?
  • Do you want to develop structured and informative financial communication?
  • Do you adjust your business structures to the local legal requirements or to international guidelines?
  • You have successfully positioned your product or service on the market. Are you planning the next steps in establishing new business processes?

We are your partner of choice when designing and planning for your finance department. We are here to assist you with our long-standing experience and extensive industry knowledge.

Project management and communication

  • Are you planning to restructure your finance department or intend to implement a finance project?
  • Do you need an experienced project manager with high social and intercultural competence and pronounced communication skills?
  • After implementing changes in your finance department, are you looking for a consultant who will document the processes in uniform fashion and summarize them in a manual?

We are your partner of choice for implementing national and international projects. We are assertive and possess the social and intercultural competences essential for change processes. In addition, we document results promptly and concisely.

Interim management

  • Are you planning a complex project and need an experienced interim finance and accounting manager? Are consulting competence, professional appearance and strong communication skills of importance to you?
  • Do you have a management position in your finance department that you need to fill temporarily? Are you looking for an experienced interim manager with a solid knowledge of HGB, IFRS and US-GAAP?
  • Are you looking for ad hoc solutions of complex assignments (account reconciliation, claims management)? Are you lacking the necessary internal resources to do so?

We are your partner of choice to fill the gap for finance and accounting positions on short notice. We assist you when faced with limited resources and a variety of special topics.

Trainings and workshops

  • Would you like to provide training for your employees on specific topics in finance and accounting?
  • Would you like to offer internal workshops but do not have the time to prepare them?
  • Do you prefer individual solutions, holistic approach to planning and close collaboration with an expert?

We are your partner for developing concepts for customized trainings. We take over the preparation and planning of internal workshops in the areas of finance and accounting.

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