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One year sponsoring partnership with zuFussunterwegs.com

Wanderung im Tessin, zufussunterwegs

In 2016, we announced our cooperation with the Swiss start-up zuFussunterwegs, founded exactly one year ago by Jana Wessendorf. The company is a successful lifestyle blog aiming at rediscovering the slowness. Jana Wessendorf provides useful tips as of how we can be more healthy, attentive, rested and enjoy ourselves in everyday life, when travelling, when surrounded by nature and when hiking, by consciously slowing down our pace.

We from FAE Consulting have been supporting zuFussunterwegs from the start with tips, sponsoring and development opportunities. FAE Consulting supports start-ups financially or with advice, especially in the initial phase. At the beginning of the cooperation, Janet Winkler and Jana Wessendorf set targets and objectives for the new company.

Today, one year later, the founder of zuFussunterwegs has reached her goals for the first year and fulfilled her intentions. Her e-book “Tälerhüpfen im Tessin” (Eng. “Hopping through the valleys of Ticino”) has been published and can be purchased online. Thus, with the publishing of this first e-book, zuFussunterwegs has reached its first milestone.

The hiking guidebook describes the beauty of Ticino, the Italian Switzerland, in twelve two-day hiking trips and wins you over with useful tips and recommendations. With its figurative language, the e-book brings to life the impressive hiking trails.

To each hiking trail described, you can book a hiking package without a guide through zuFussunterwegs. The package includes all relevant information about the trail and its difficulty as well as the requirements, the recommended equipment and the schedule. The hiking packages allow participants to hike by themselves but the entire planning and organization are done by zuFussunterwegs. It is paramount to the company that you enjoy the hike and relax your body and soul.

Janet Winkler from FAE Consulting had the opportunity to experience the benefits of the hikes organized by zuFussunterwegs. In the summer of 2016 both founders went together on a hike to Lugano, Morcote and Monte Salvatore. This hiking trail impresses with its lakes and hills and is described in the guidebook.

In addition to the e-book, Jana Wessendorf has published numerous blog entries and articles in different media and, thus, demonstrated the expertise of her company.

The future cooperation is already planned and the development opportunities and for zuFussunterwegs discussed. In the next year, zuFussunterwegs will publish two more e-books. One is going to describe the long-distance hike on the “International friendship trail” from Budapest to Eisenach. Jana Wessendorf intends to hike all the 2,700 km (1,678 miles) passing through five countries and their mountains. She starts her hiking trip on 1st of May.

FAE Consulting endorses the motto of the trip and wishes Jana Wessendord great success and a lot of fun. We look forward to her new e-book as well.


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