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Tag der offenen Türen

On February 19th, 2016 we celebrated the 1st birthday of FAE Consulting. For this purpose, we opened our doors to guests, partners, customers and sponsors and welcomed them with a glass of sparkling wine. Together we toasted past and future successes. On this occasion, all guests had the opportunity to visit our premises at Hanauer Landstraße 126-128 and get to know each other.

Despite wintry temperatures, we welcomed thirty guests to our office. The cozy atmosphere and the impressive view of the European Central Bank and the Main tempted the guests to stay longer.

This resulted in excellent discussions that promoted both professional and personal exchange. From suggestions for independence to health tips, our guests were able to enjoy a variety of common topics. New contacts were made and old ones deepened.

At the end of the day, the evening twilight over the Main offered a colorful backdrop that created a relaxed atmosphere.

We would like to thank all guests for the first-class discussions as well as for the warm congratulations and numerous gifts.

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