Financial process optimization

FAE Consulting GmbH, Frankfurt-based consulting firm, offers a range of services, such as process analysis and design, automation and digitalization of financial processes, and implementation of financial systems and tools. Additionally, we are focused on improving financial processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs. We provide guidance on financial reporting and accounting standards, which can help your company optimize its financial processes.

Are you looking to optimize your financial processes and improve your bottom line? Look no further than our team of experienced professionals. Our expert team will work with you to identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks in your financial workflows and implement solutions that will save you time and money.

With our guidance, you can improve your company's financial performance, comply with regulations, and make informed business decisions. You can rest assured that your financial processes are optimized for success. Count on us for accurate, reliable, and timely advice tailored to your specific needs. 

Here are a few examples of financial process optimization in practice:

Automate invoicing and payment processes

Introduce e-invoicing

Proactive receivables management

Automate financial reporting

Implement an electronic invoice verification system

Timely collection of financial data for better planning and control 

Simplify finance department processes by reducing double entry

Use of cloud-based or digital financial systems

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Trainings and Workshops

Unlock your potential and gain the skills your company needs to succeed with our comprehensive trainings and workshops. Led by expert instructor with years of experience in her respective fields, our trainings offer hands-on learning and real-world applications that will take your business to the next level.

Whether you're looking to expand your team’s knowledge or improve their skills, our trainings deliver the tools and expertise you need to achieve your goals. Contact us today and take the first step towards a brighter future!

Here are a few examples of trainings we are offering:

Automate invoicing and payment processes

Introduce e-invoicing

Proactive receivables management

Automate financial reporting

Implement an electronic invoice verification system


How do you benefit from optimizing your financial processes?

Optimizing financial processes brings a range of benefits that help finance teams perform their duties more efficiently and effectively. 

Increased productivity by automating routine tasks

Saving time spent on manual data entry, reconciliations, and other routine tasks

Reducing the risk of errors caused by manual data entry and other human mistakes, improving accuracy in financial reporting

Reducing the risk of penalties and legal issues through improved regulatory complianceand risk management

Cost savings by reducing the need for manual labor and error correction

Overall, optimizing financial processes can help finance teams deliver better results and become more strategic partners to the business.



Janet Winkler, CEO of FAE Consulting GmbH

Accomplished financial expert with over 20 years of experience in optimizing financial processes and systems across diverse industries. Skilled in analyzing financial data, developing and implementing process improvement initiatives, and producing measurable results. Proven ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams to achieve strategic goals.

Led financial process improvement projects resulting in cost savings of $1M+ annually

Developed and implemented new financial reporting system, resulting in 30% reduction in reporting time.

Analyzed financial data and provided recommendations to senior leadership for process optimization and resource allocation.

Collaborated with cross-functional teams to streamline budgeting and forecasting process, resulting in 25% reduction in time spent on these activities.

Financial process improvement

Project management

Post merger integration

ERP systems implementation

Resource allocation

German accounting and regulatory compliance

Global accounting standards reporting HGB, IFRS, USGAAP

SOX implementation and audit

Financial due diligence, financial analysis and reporting

Workshops and trainings for accounting topics

"Qualified Supervisory Board" course certified by Deutsche Börse

Certificate in International Accounting (CINA)

Certified mediator

Diploma in Finance and Accounting, Goethe University Frankfurt

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Recommendations from our customers

“… Ms. Winkler analyzed the preparation processes of our financial statements (monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements) on her own responsibility. Ms. Winkler developed the complete process diagram in cooperation with the IT consultants and used it to design solutions for a faster closing process. Her expertise, especially in the interfaces to our FSSC, has covered all aspects of the financial processes and helped us consider all parties involved in the process as well as all existing dependencies. Her pleasant personality and her charismatic moderation in the work discussions with the employees have helped a lot to make the project a success in terms of process…”

M. Höhl, Head of Accounting, ista Deutschland GmbH

“… It has been a privilege working with a great team, to have the opportunity to meet amazing people. I take this opportunity to thank you again for your support and the work we have been able to achieve together. I will keep in mind the collaborative work that has allowed us to achieve our projects in Germany. I will remember you.”

G. Taubmann, Lawyer, Rémy Cointreau S.A.

"Janet Winkler was connected to me by one of our mutual acquaintance for a potential financial process optimization project. We had stayed in touch and worked on large and small projects since then. Janet Winkler is a real professional who demonstrates devotion to her customers. Her profound experience and structured working style impress me. I’m looking forward to working with her again on future projects - any time. Always a pleasure." 

Su Ya, Managing Director, IEC Group GmbH

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